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THE GUTTER COVER™ is a product that basically sells itself! Our son Mario will be happy to show you how our product is installed, how it works, and how happy you'll be. Contact The Gutter Cover of Wichita LLC today for your FREE estimates, and read the FAQ below for more information.
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THE GUTTER COVER™ is a solid, heavy gauge aluminum cover that installs over your existing gutters to keep out leaves, twigs and other debris while allowing water to enter the gutters and flow freely. THE GUTTER COVER™ is engineered to be a permanent solution to clogged gutters and gutter cleaning!

2. How does THE GUTTER COVER™ work?

THE GUTTER COVER™ utilizes the "law of nature" called surface tension (or surface adhesion) to draw water into the gutters, while directing leaves and other debris to the ground.

3. How is THE GUTTER COVER™ important for your home?

Clogged gutters cause damage and detract from the beauty of your home. Overflowing water due to clogged gutters can cause a wide variety of problems, including the wood rot of the fascia, decking, siding, and windows. It can cause basement flooding, foundation settling, landscape erosion, and mold, and mildew. Gutter cleaning can be time consuming and dangerous. THE GUTTER COVER™ can help eliminate the damage and danger!

4. How many colors does THE GUTTER COVER™ have to choose from?

We have a wide assortment of colors in stock. In addition, we can specially order any color to match any unusual gutter color and / or shingles.

5. What kind of roofs does THE GUTTER COVER™ work on?

THE GUTTER COVER™ works with almost any kind of roof, including: composition shingle, metal, tile, cement, slate, cedar shake, and extremely steep pitched roofs or flat roofs.

6. How is THE GUTTER COVER™ installed?

THE GUTTER COVER™ is custom-fitted to your home by our long time employees who clean, reseal, repair, and adjust the alignment of your gutter system. The entire job site will be left clean with debris removed and no damage to your home, lawn, or landscaping.

7. How long does it take to install THE GUTTER COVER™?

For most homes, THE GUTTER COVER™ can be installed in just one day. Mike or our son Mario will determine this at the time of your FREE ESTIMATE.

8. Will THE GUTTER COVER™ still work in extremely heavy rains?

Yes! Actually the harder the rain is, the better they work. The concept of "surface tension" ensures even water distribution. Our product has been tested in rains up to 15 inches per hour, which is far more than your gutters should need to handle.

9. What is THE GUTTER COVER™ warranty?

The Gutter Cover of Wichita LLC offers a no-clog warranty. In the unlikely event debris enters the gutter and causes blockage, The Gutter Cover of Wichita LLC will remove the debris from the gutter and correct the problem at no cost to the warranted home owner. Additionally, The Gutter Cover of Wichita LLC is fully insured with general liability and workers' compensation insurance for your protection.

Current Customer Support

1. What kind of maintenance does THE GUTTER COVER™ require?

THE GUTTER COVER™ is virtually maintenance-free. It only requires an annual spray with the garden hose, which you can do from the ground when watering your plants. The nose of THE GUTTER COVER™ works best when it is clean from dried debris.

2. What happens if THE GUTTER COVER™ gets damaged?

It just takes a phone call! Your homeowners' insurance will pay for the replacement pieces, and we will take care of the rest.

3. What happens if my roof gets damaged?

BEFORE you have any work done on your roof, please call us first to remove and reinstall THE GUTTER COVER™. If an unauthorized person works on them, THE GUTTER COVER™ warranty becomes null and void. (Also, it will be more costly for you when you need us to "correctly" reinstall them after another company has tried). We will remove and reinstall at a minimum cost to you, usually covered by your insurance. This will ensure that your warranty remains in service and that THE GUTTER COVER™ is working properly!

4. What if icicles form on THE GUTTER COVER™?

Some years you may notice some icicles forming on THE GUTTER COVER™. This indicates that THE GUTTER COVER™ is working properly to keep the ice out of your gutters and future performance will not be affected.

5. What do I need to do if I sell my home?

Simply call us with the name of the new home owner. Your warranty will be transferred at no cost.
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